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Looking for a Nutrition and Supplements Plan that will help your child for teen with his learning?

While you are doing the academic midline therapies (Brain Integration Therapy) and Right Brain “Healing” Teaching strategies, you can help your child focus easier and have better retention by following the week by week, step by step 3 month Targeted Nutritional Intervention Guide as found in the Biology of Behavior CD set.  This set comes with the 27 page study booklet and supplement schedule that gives you the steps in order, the amounts, best brands, ages, etc.  Many parents report huge changes in focusing, mood, attitude, meltdowns, memory and Sensory Processing issues when they implement this easy to use home nutritional program.

Most of the supplements recommend in the targeted nutritional program can be purchased from our website.


  • We love Twinlab's Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil! This liquid supplement was created for people who may have difficulty digesting oil. This formula supplies the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which support both cardiovascular and mood health.
  • 5HTP


    Parents often wait until the Biology of Behavior supplemental program is completed, to determine if their child needs this supplement.

    Many families experience great results for children with rages, temper tantrums, night terrors or nightmares, difficult time getting to sleep, anxieties, or “SI” symptoms.
  • B-50 Complex along with other B Vitamins are used in the body to help produce the calming neurotransmitter Serotonin and to convert the EFA's in the body.
  • Is your child's immune system lowered? Colostrum Plus builds the immune system faster that anything. When your child is coming down with a flu or virus, taking Colostrum can cut the length and intensity of the virus dramatically.
  • This is particularly helpful for children who don't swallow capsules and don't like cod liver oil. Have your child remind YOU every day that it is time to take their oils!
  • Each softgel contains 500mg Evening Primrose Oil, including 45mg of GLA. This is one of the three essential fatty acids in Dr Jacqueline Stordy's formula for children's learning and attention.
  • Each grapefruit seed antifungal tablet contains 125 mg GSE. In combination with Primadophilus Original, this antifungal helps rebalance a child's intestinal flora.  This is the second important step in the Biology of Behavior 3 month nutritional (gut ecology) program.
  • Parents have reported that entire growths in the nasal passages have disappeared using this spray! This nasal spray promotes healthy tissue, and provides protection from unwanted sinus conditions.  In a 2000 study, Mayo Clinic reported that most repeated sinusitis conditions are caused by an untreated fungus in the nasal passages, rather than a bacteria, as previously suspected.
  • Many people don't realize that feeling "spacey" often is the result of anemia. Children who need more iron can often be caught eating dirt. Get your iron straight from the source.
  • Magnesium is essential for the production of ATP, the body's primary energy producing molecule, as well as for the manufacture of protein. This is often used for older teens in place of Mineral Rich if you are following Dianne Craft's Biology of Behavior Nutritional Protocol.
  • We know that magnesium is “nature’s tranquilizer.” We also know magnesium can be a laxative (remember Milk of Magnesia?). It is very relaxing to all the muscles, even the colon. In fact, if you look up the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and sensory processing disorder, you will see a significant correlation. It is fascinating to see this close match of symptoms. It is always best to check with your physician before adding any nutritional supplement.
  • ParaMicrocidin is the capsule form of grapefruit seed extract for younger children experiencing difficulty swallowing supplements
  • Many parents report greatly improved Focusing, Attention, and Concentration in their children when they give them this supplement.  Pycnogenol has the unique ability to pass the blood/brain barrier, making it effective for various neurological glitches.

    This is one of the most popular supplements in Dianne Craft's Biology of Behavior Nutritional protocol.

    A Zinc deficiency can be spotted by white spots on the nails or by slow healing of cuts and other abrasions. Zinc is essential for cellular reproduction, which is the process of growth and repair. It also helps prevent the buildup of Vit A in the liver. Teenagers have also reported that it helps to clear up acne.
  • Natural Vitamin E.
  • B-6 is a natural precursor to the neurotransmitter, Serotonin. This is a recommended supplement in Dianne Craft's Biology of Behavior Nutritional protocol.
  • Primadophilus Bifidus is a more potent form of Primadophilus for our kids with more entrenched cases of yeast and fungus. The Primadophilus Bifidus capsule can be opened and its contents mixed with food for children experiencing difficulty swallowing capsules. Primadophilus Bifidus replants the important gut bacteria that antibiotics, steriods or excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption eliminate.
  • Primadophilus Original (180 caps) is the most effective probiotic for kids, and is the important first step of the Biology of Behavior 3 month nutritional program. This supplement replants the important gut bacteria that antibiotics, steroids or excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption eliminate.
  • These capsules, created by Dr. Jacqueline Stordy, contain all three oils in proper balance: fish oil (DHA), primrose oil (GLA), and vitamin E. The advantage is that the three oils are together in one capsule. This will give your child the DHA their Corpus Callosum (midline of the brain) needs to pass information more easily from the left (learning) side of the brain to the right (automatic memory) side of the brain.
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    Improve behavior, learning "glitches", focusing issues....etc. using nutrition. Detailed step by step nutritional program. Two Audio CD's and 27 page Instructional Booklet. In the Biology of Behavior 2 disc series you will be given the latest brain and nutritional research plus a proven step by step program of natural supplements designed to help your child's body heal, and have an ample supply of the important "calming" neurotransmitters available. You will also learn of "natural medicines" you can discuss with your child's doctor, that are free from the side effects that accompany many prescription medications. One parent said that this CD set was like "having a nutritionist in your home." The detailed Instructional Study Guide included in this set, gives you all the information you need, including brand names, amounts, and resources. This program now comes with the DVD Kids & Teens With Focus/Attention Problems! Explore the physical causes of behavior and attention problems in children and teens. Learn targeted remedies for each of these problems. Be amazed at the difference in your student’s mood, memory and learning ability. Many call this a “life changing” teaching.
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