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    Identify the 10 Auditory Channels that can be blocked….and how to correct them, one by one. Re-connect these blocked channels, and teach “past” the problem until you have it corrected. Identify the specific brain fats that improve auditory processing. You will find many unusual answers in this enlightening workshop.
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    Do you have a student who sits and stares as soon as you leave his side; always says “I forgot”; takes FOREVER to complete his work; is highly anxious; easily upset; socially inappropriate; always moving; has SI? Explore the physical causes of behavior and attention problems in children and teens. Learn targeted remedies for each of these problems. Be amazed at the difference in your student’s mood, memory and learning ability. Many call this a “life changing” teaching.
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    Why the dramatic increase in Autism? Learn the main causes and treatments of Autism. Unlock the ability of the student with Autism or Asperger’s using a “Unique Three Pronged Approach”. (specific academics, re-connecting therapies and easy biological interventions that work). Dianne presents case studies from her clinic in Denver, of children and teens whose lives have changed dramatically using interventions that anyone can learn and apply. Learning, sensory processing, behavior, anxiety, and socialization ability change drastically. Life can be so much easier for these kids and teens!
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    Could it be Dysgraphia? Writing seems painful; often ‘gifted with a glitch; great stories orally, but writes very little; often called “lazy or unmotivated.” Learn the amazing correction for this writing fluency problem.
  • Become Your Child's Learning Specialist at Home! This two-day, in-depth, nine-workshop Teacher Training Seminar was given live before a group of private school, public school and home educators who work with bright, hard-working kids and teens who have to work too hard to learn…the group we call Struggling Learners.  The goal is to teach you to (unofficially) “diagnose and correct” blocked learning gates.  
  • We love Twinlab's Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil! This liquid supplement was created for people who may have difficulty digesting oil. This formula supplies the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which support both cardiovascular and mood health.
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    These enlarged cards make it easy to hang up on your classroom wall for students to review daily. Teachers and homeschool parents LOVE using these cards to make the process of learning the sounds of letter combinations so easy by using the IMBEDDING technique. The Right Brain, which is the site of our Long Term Memory, is our Visual Brain.  Thus, when we put the letters (Left Brain) directly ON the picture that gives that sound, the brain stores the sound and picture that gives that sound in a "unit."  The picture comes up easily, and the letters are always attached to it.  This whole-brain teaching method makes memorizing sounds super easy. You will be surprised how painless this process really can be, once we use this "Brain Friendly" approach. 
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    The first Reader in the third grade series of Craft Right Brain Student Readers is “Enjoy The Ride(Level 3-A). This Reader was created for struggling  readers of any age, or  for beginning readers. This set includes the book "Enjoy The Ride", the accompanying sight word cards for "Enjoy The Ride", one green reading transparency, one blue reading transparency.  The "Enjoy The Ride" Reader contains the

    Phonetic Vowel Patterns and Digraphs: -aw, -au, -ow, -ou, -oo, -ew, -oa, -y, -igh, -or, -er, -ir, -ur, -oi, -oy, qu-, -ie Endings: - ind, -ild, -ire, -are, -old, -olt, -ost Sight Words: small, together, warm, eyes, which, found, also, through, horse, myself, read, old, grow, clean, birthday, only, river, eight, every, write, own, wash, thought, truth, other, these, carry, father, mother, people, head, field, sure, enough, door, show, more, sheriff, engine, cover, change, young, prince, love, castle, hero, quiet

    This reader gives the student much practice in all the words that are needed to move on to the third grade level. The inclusion of the right brain method of teaching sight words makes a huge difference in the ease of learning for them.  The color code for each phonics sound makes decoding a breeze.  You will find these readers working, when others have not.

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    Improve behavior, learning "glitches", focusing issues....etc. using nutrition. Detailed step by step nutritional program. Two Audio CD's and 27 page Instructional Booklet. In the Biology of Behavior 2 disc series you will be given the latest brain and nutritional research plus a proven step by step program of natural supplements designed to help your child's body heal, and have an ample supply of the important "calming" neurotransmitters available. You will also learn of "natural medicines" you can discuss with your child's doctor, that are free from the side effects that accompany many prescription medications. One parent said that this CD set was like "having a nutritionist in your home." The detailed Instructional Study Guide included in this set, gives you all the information you need, including brand names, amounts, and resources. This program now comes with the DVD Kids & Teens With Focus/Attention Problems! Explore the physical causes of behavior and attention problems in children and teens. Learn targeted remedies for each of these problems. Be amazed at the difference in your student’s mood, memory and learning ability. Many call this a “life changing” teaching.
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    This method of learning works wonderfully with students of all ages and abilities:
    • Kindergarten teachers can give their students a real “leg up” in learning the early sight words.
    • First grade teachers use this method to ensure that all their students learn the basic sight words by the end of the year.
    • Second and third grade teachers use it for those students who are reading below grade level.
    • ESL teachers find them very effective for their population.
    • Struggling readers, students on an IEP, and students with an auditory processing glitch find these cards invaluable for making a “leap” in learning.
    The beauty of this method is that by using the child’s “camera” to learn the words, the child not only learns to read the words easily, but also spell them using his new-found “photographic memory.”
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