Three-Pronged Approach

The Dianne Craft Learning System uses a “home depot approach”, meaning that it can be done at home, inexpensively and successfully without the cost of outsourcing. With our product, parents and teachers learn how to identify the symptoms of blocked learning gates and how to start making corrections using a successful three-pronged approachBrain Integration Therapy, Right Brain Teaching Strategies & Targeted Nutritional Strategies. Kids should not have to work too hard to learn!


Brain Integration Therapy- This at home midline therapy is easy to implement and only takes 20 minutes a day. Our Brain Integration Therapy Manual teaches parents and teachers to informally diagnose their student’s processing problems and teaches daily midline exercises along with crucial once-a-week Brain Training sessions to make permanent connections between the two sides of the brain. We use specific daily midline exercises four days a week to establish the student’s midline along with a once-a-week brain training to create permanent connections between the four learning gates: Visual Processing (dyslexia, reading, eye tracking, etc.), Visual/Motor (writing, dysgraphia, visual spatial awareness), Auditory Processing (hearing, speech, phonics, sight words, math, etc.), and Focus/Attention/Behavior (ADD/ADHD, SPD, ASD, Asperger’s, low working memory, etc.). This approach has been very successful in both resource rooms and homeschool settings.



Right Brain Teaching- Right brain teaching strategies give the child more “glue” for information to stick – using the powerful photographic memory.  We use zany colors, pictures and stories to imbed left-brain information with the right brain, visual memory, allowing you to teach to the brain as a “whole” while we correct the blocked learning gates using Brain Integration Therapy. This is your “healing teaching” for the year that will help your student retain the information they learned and catch up to their grade level or above. These strategies will help your student blossom in reading (decoding, phonics, dictation), writing (easily getting thoughts from head to hand), spelling (spelling words forwards and backwards in one spelling session), math (easily recall math processes), vocabulary and test-taking skills.



Targeted Nutritional Plan- While you are doing the academic midline therapies (Brain Integration Therapy) and Right Brain Teaching strategies, you can help your children focus easier and have better retention by following the week by week, step by step 3 month Targeted Nutritional Intervention Guide as found in the Biology of Behavior CD set.  This set comes with the all-important Printed Study Booklet that gives you the steps in order, the amounts, best brands, ages, etc.  Many parents report huge changes in focusing, mood, attitude, meltdowns, memory and Sensory Processing issues when they implement this easy to use home nutritional program.