About Child Diagnostics, Inc.

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Child Diagnostics is a private consulting firm founded by Dianne Craft in 1997 in Denver, Colorado. Children come in with learning puzzles and I diagnose what is the cause of these bright, but struggling learners’ problems. Down Syndrome has been diagnosed already: I diagnose mystery conditions to parents. The children I see already have a diagnosis (ADD/ADHD, etc) but the corrections aren’t changing their abilities and problems.

For detailed information about the unique diagnostic process or to schedule an appointment for your child, visit the Private Consultations information page.


Many children can appear to be ADD but are really right brain learners that are being taught in a left brain manner. This leaves them with the appearance that they are underachieving because of all the work that they are putting in to make them learn in a manner that totally does not match them in the way that they process information. When taught right brain strategies these learners get in touch with the smart parts of themselves.

I became a nutritionist after realizing that there was another important puzzle piece to these struggling learners. In 1999 I became a Certified Nutritional Health Professional (CNHP) by Trinity College of Warsaw, Indiana. If a child’s biochemistry is upset and his nervous system is not responding correctly, it can make it look like he has focusing problems, auditory processing problems, and even dyslexia.

I believe that kids can be helped with natural methods. During my years of teaching I observed how the cocktail of medications that were being given to children were counterproductive, causing the children to develop emotional disturbances and counteractions to what the purpose of the medications were in the first place. I found that the goal was to cut down these intakes to healthy levels and to use natural supplements. That’s why I call my process unique. You don’t take your child to an educator and find out unusual health circumstances that are affecting learning. I see all sorts of problems such as dark circles under eyes, anemia, pyroluria (large white spots on fingernails-zinc deficiency, which causes nervousness and anxiety), and allergies to dairy (which can cause writing reversals). When a child has a learning problem i t always manifests in some way physically so we just read the body.

Be sure to check with your child’s physician before adding supplements or adding exercise programs. CNHP status gives a wide background into supplements but I can’t prescribe medications. However, I can recommend nutritional supplements to look into.