We have worked with so many wonderful families to make learning easier for their bright, hard working children using our three-pronged approach. We also have hundreds of teachers and school systems around the nation who are using our Brain Integration Therapy and Right Brain Teaching with their students and seeing such amazing progress. Please email us your testimonies and product reviews so we can touch the families and teachers who need this easy to us at home program to remove learning glitches.

“When I first started homeschooling my daughter, Serenity, writing and reading was dreadful, full of tears (for us both!)and some days hopeless. I was homeschooling her because she had struggled in school and wasn’t getting the support she needed to even figure out what was wrong. I knew in my heart that I needed to homeschool her, but was feeling so defeated bc I didn’t know how to help her. After working her customized learning and nutrition plan for one just one semester, there was so much improvement! Then a year in, she bravely entered a spelling bee! That was last year and although she didn’t place, it was such a triumph for her to even be there! Even more amazing was that she said she wanted to try again this year, studied so hard and placed in the top 7 for the writing portion of the competition!! …and got a medal, which she wants to frame and put on her wall! Beforehand it would have been hard to imagine that she’d have the ability and confidence to participate in a spelling bee in just one year. I’m just so amazed and grateful to Ms. Dianne. This program has been a lifesaver!” -Joyelle


“I did not think we would ever be able to tell a b from d. Finally we recently got there! This works, keep it up!” -Josie


“My 9 year old son struggled with writing as well as remembering spelling words. We have seen huge improvement in his ability to remember spelling words, as well as the speed in which he can write. He absolutely hated writing before, it was so difficult because each letter was a struggle. Now he is writing books in his own! He still has trouble with some letter reversals and messy writing, but I know that we have to keep going and stick with it to see the full results. I see the best results when we are very dedicated and stick to the program and the end of the week brain training sessions.” -Laurel


“We have had HUGE success with our 9 yr old. Trouble with math, writing reversals, writing was all over the page. Could not remember spelling words at all…we have a long way to go but she has been flourishing! I learned a whole new approach to teach spelling/math-I will forever be grateful to Diane craft for her program.” – Jacquie 


“I just want to share our story. I have a granddaughter who is struggling in many areas. I am working with her for 5 years, since she was 8. She could not retain anything – not even the letter sounds. We started BIT three years ago. She went from a non reader to a fluent reader this past year! We are still working on spelling, comprehension and other areas, but I just can say “THANK YOU” to Dianne Craft for this wonderful program! My granddaughter is a happy, confident 13 year old now!” -Estie


“Our grown son, who owns three businesses, 1 in VA and 2 in PA still does the therapy exercises because they are good physical therapy. He knows how much Dianne’s manual helped him get over his hurdles. No one is too old to do this and the other exercises. Some of them are basic stretching exercises. I highly recommend her Brain Integration Therapy Manual to all.”  -Ann Hoopsick


“I have homeschooled my three kids for 12 years now and my youngest daughter is the one we are using your three-prong approach on and I see so many subtle changes already at 7 weeks into the biology of behavior supplement program. However your healing teaching has changed our classroom to a place of triumph for her and each day I’m seeing her confidence build. Your program has been an answer to a prayer already. I am soooo thankful for you teaching me how to be a better teacher!” -Jacquie


“Thank you so much for your program. I actually saw a 2 year improvement in reading after using your program last school year. I’m constantly recommending your program to others because I believe in it and it isn’t time consuming.”  DiAnn 


“We started school at the beginning of September, and I spent the first two weeks only doing the writing 8 exercise, since they were both short, odd weeks anyway, and I wanted to ease him into the year.  I was watching your video on how to do writing webbing, and my sweet Ben was playing nearby.  He asked me why you called it a ‘writing glitch’. I explained to him that it was related to the way he could tell me wonderful stories when he would dictate them to me, but if he tried to write them himself, it was so very hard.  He totally related to that.  And when you said this was the most common glitch you saw in your gifted children, he beamed at me.  My brilliant son wasn’t sure he was actually smart because of his struggle, and you encouraged him. ” -Christie 


“We started doing spelling/vocab/writing this week, and I saw him absolutely light up.  He had so much fun decorating his spelling words and learning the vocabulary cartoons. When he could tell me about his words and pictures on the spelling cards, and especially when he realized he could spell the word forward and backward, I could see him sit up a little straighter and smile. When I first was going through the common spelling words list on Monday, I had him dictate the spelling to me (as we have done many times in the past) because it has always been daunting for him to write anything himself.  At one point, though, he was thinking of how to correctly spell a word, and said, ‘here, let me’ as he grabbed the pencil from me to write the word himself.  That has never happened before!  

But the most exciting thing of all to me was his reaction to starting our first writing project. I decided to start at the very beginner level, because writing anything has always taken forever and discouraged him.  I gave him a silly picture to describe for me–I asked him to write at least a sentence to describe it.  I told him he could write 2-3 if he wanted, or even a paragraph if he felt so inclined, but at least one sentence please.  I am sending you a picture of him at work.  He has never written so much without it feeling like pulling teeth, and he didn’t complain once!  He also has balked in the past at not knowing exactly how to spell something ahead of time, even when I have encouraged him to just write down his ideas and not worry about it, but this time he actually was willing to do it!  He wrote a very creative paragraph, and beamed at how many points he earned (especially since his little brother was given the same assignment and earned only a fraction of the points, because he chose to stop at the minimum one sentence–you can bet his brother will write me a treatise next week, haha). This is our third week of the writing 8 exercise.  I feel like it is already helping him so much!  I’m excited to see how he progresses through the year. ”          -Christie 


“Recently, our IEP team lead told me that we would need to work next on our son knowing the sounds of each letter per the document. When she went to work with him on it the next time she saw him, she couldn’t believe how well he knew them already. I was happy to tell her it’s because we’ve been doing writing 8’s for so long (8 months). Cross another goal off the IEP document! I love that we achieved that goal as a “side benefit” while working through BIT!”Jennifer R


“We have been doing the brain integration therapy for 7 weeks. My son was diagnosed with “severe dyslexia” 3 years ago. Over the past 2 years he gained ground from a 1grade reading level to a 3rd grade reading level (these past 2 years and where he tested when we started Brain integration therapy.) I decided to test him this week as we are stopping for the week of Christmas. He tested in a 4th grade reading level!!!!! And not just barely either. He read 44 words past where we had to stop with the first placement evaluation. SO thankful. What a way to end the year! Even better…what a way to start the new year!” -KC


“Our family loves you! After meeting with you and doing everything you recommended our son beat the dyslexia and dysgraphia beast and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.” -Heather Slinkard


“Just got our sight words today. I think I ordered at a lower level than I should have because she knew a lot of the words already. Anyway I just want to let you know my daughter adored going through the sight words! She laughed all the way through and it just made it so much fun for both of us! It literally took a normally very frustrating task and made it enjoyable! I’m ordering the primer and first grade words because I can’t imagine using anything else now! As an educator myself I commend you for making reading fun for all! I can’t even begin to tell you how much these types of products mean to me as a mother but also to my child. Seeing the joy in her eyes brought tears to my eyes.”    -Allison


I remember sitting in the bathroom, fighting back tears. Why couldn’t I teach this obviously bright child how to read? Why couldn’t he write? Was it me? Was it our curriculum? I think we were on our third or fourth phonics curriculum and nothing seemed to work. I didn’t know if he’d ever learn.

Some people thought he’d do better if I gave up and put him in school, but my brother had been so hurt by ignorant teachers I just couldn’t do that. They didn’t understand that some children are twice exceptional – gifted AND struggling learners. They thought he was just goofing off.

I knew our boy would have the same problem. At the same time, everyone was saying, “Don’t let them label him!” I didn’t realize that no one had to see his test results but us – unless we needed them to! I didn’t realize that a diagnosis might give us a direction to find help, either.

When he was ten or so, we heard Dianne Craft speak at a conference. I was amazed. Finally, someone who understood about kids who “were working too hard to learn!” We ordered the materials she recommended and got to work.

It was pretty awful at first. He hated doing the exercises. He thought it was “baby stuff,” and threw a fit every day for a while. Now he stands at our booth (when he’s with us) and tells parents, “Don’t listen to their complaining. This stuff changed my life.”

It really did. That was the year he learned to read fluently. Later those materials helped him learn to write. Now away at school, he’s a senior whose college just endorsed him for the Rhodes Scholarship for graduate school. What? Yeah, God is good!

Anyway, I thought I ought to tell you our story as the school year is getting started and you might be thinking just what I did back then, “I don’t know if I can do this.” Having a struggling learner is one of the hardest things I faced in homeschooling. Dianne Craft’s materials helped us get through it.

–  Melanie Young


“My 10 year old daughter wrote mirror image backwards and was over two years behind in reading. She now writes all words correctly and now reading at grade level. So thankful to have learned that Brain Integration Therapy corrects these issues and so much more!”– Angela 


“We just finished our second brain training session. Once finished, my 8 year old son then played a reading game & finished in half the time it normally takes. He stopped and very excitedly proclaimed, “I’m reading mom! I’m reading real sentences with hard words!” I almost cried. This is amazing!” -Laurie


“We have your reading package and are absolutely over the moon excited with the fast results for our twins.”              -Janice


“My son did not know his letters 12 months ago and is now racing through your last reader. We are working on three syllable words, and then there is no stopping him! This program has been nothing short of miraculous!”             – Melissa


“My 10 year old son just did the word recognition test in the back of the BIT manual and could read grade 5, 6, and part of 7. He was seeing the whole word instead of sounding out each syllable. I am so proud and so is he. When we started he could only read the 3rd grade list with ease. We have been doing brain training for 17 weeks! Praise God! Thank you Dianne Craft!”   -Jessica


“My son (8) had some dyslexia issues. He started out the school year at a pre-primer level. He just finished the Phonics book today and tested at a 4th grade level!!! He’s so excited!! He can read almost all his school instructions now!”  -Ann


“My son was evaluated for vision therapy but we did BIT instead. He is reading now for pleasure, following TV show plotlines better, asking “what?” less often. Slow and steady progress in 6 months time. Dianne, we are so grateful.”  -Elizabeth


“We started in November of last year. Prior to BIT he HATED reading and had never read a chapter book on his own .In January alone he read 9 chapter books in a series and is currently in book 11!!! He BEGS to read them…takes them on car rides…reads before bedtime and even when he should be sleeping!!!! I believe Brain Integration Therapy and the Biology of Behavior nutritional plan helped him the most. He is also back to writing stories…page after page off the top of his head!! His reading is becoming so much more fluent and he is not skipping lines like he used to so I know the exercises have helped strengthen his eyes as well. Very thankful for this system and support.”  -Tamara


“I thought I’d update you on my son.  He recently has passed all of the 3rd grade words.  We put them on paper and he can read all of them in less than 45 seconds!  He went from pre primer in August 2018 to where he is now (March 2019)!  He also made his TOP DAWG goal, which means he was able to read and take the most AR quizzes in his class or be in the top 3!  He had 21 AR points in the first trimester, which means he read and took 42 AR books (each one was .5 points).  He is on track to do this again and has already surpassed his goal of 22 points for this 2nd trimester.  He is able to make that picture in his mind and once he has it he has It. “ Jennifer


“Watching my student’s face light up today as he read 21 sight words was an amazing feeling! He could only read 2 words a couple weeks ago. I’ve never seen such rapid progress in a short amount of time. This program works!”       – Ashley


“Oh MY!!!!! First off, I’m working with a child who is missing the left half her brain. I wasn’t sure how well this program would work. She has a severe auditory block. Couldn’t repeat a 4-word sentence. Her reading comprehension was non-existent. We’ve been doing the program about 3 weeks. At first, she couldn’t do a single ear-eight (midline exercise), especially on her right side. Today, she did the whole regime on both sides. Then, as we read, she was able to tell me what she was reading and make extensions to other things she knows. I am in tears!”   –Tanya


“Thank you so much for teaching me to use your Brain Integration Therapy. I started using it with my oldest son (diagnosed with dyscalculia). At first, he resisted the daily work. At the end of the school year, his teacher asked him what had made such a difference in his progress in math. He attributed the obvious progress to Brain Integration Therapy. I was so astounded by his developmental progress that I have since used it with my younger children. Their test scores soared and all three of them have a restored love of learning. For the first time, I am learning what it is like to enjoy a parent-teacher conference. Thank You!” –Mary


“Dianne Craft and all she offers is a Godsend! Thank-you Dianne for all your work and being such an amazing instrument of God’s and His Healing!”-Joe and Carole


“After a particularly trying year helping my son comprehend his math lessons, I resurrected the “Brain Integration Therapy Manual” we had used 5 or 6 years ago. I noted the particular areas in which my son was struggling as I re-read it. THANK YOU so much for putting this manual together! We are again using it to re-establish the pathways that have become “closed” and I can see improvement daily. I know my son will be much better prepared to take on each day’s work when the process of math flows more naturally.”– Julia


“I just wanted to thank you. I started using your spelling techniques with my daughter and it has been wonderful. I cried when she said, “Can I spell the next one because I can see the picture!” Things have gotten much easier for her.”– Teresa


“My daughter’s eyes don’t align together. Her spelling, handwriting, and reading comprehension have all improved immensely. Started in August. So thankful to God for Diana’s help!”–Megan


“My son (8) had some dyslexia issues. He started out the school year at a pre-primer level. He just finished the Phonics book today and tested at a 4th grade level 6 months later!!! He’s so excited!! He can read almost all his school instructions now!”– Ann


“We have been doing the program for around 12 weeks. We have been in 4 different reading programs before this one. My daughter is 8 and would not read a single thing on her own when we started. Having been in intensive phonics programs, we started the 1A Craft Right Brain Reader using the pre reading and it was like the world lifted off of her shoulders. Even with pre reading she struggled at first. Now we are in the 1B reader and I have to remind her to slow down so she can make good pictures for good answers. Now I have to remind her that good reading is not fast reading. She wants to read 3 or 4 stories at a time. I have actually sat down and cried. She can now write a sentence and she no longer has trouble speaking in sentences! In a matter of weeks this program changed my thinking from ‘Who’s going to take care of my daughter if something happens to me?’ to ‘She might even go to college someday.’ I cannot say enough about this program!”– Kim


“My 10 year old son just got all of his spelling words right that we worked on this week. His words were not from a list but from his writing. His words were: review, challenging, puzzle, because, solve, use, probably, portal, and person. This was using Dianne Craft’s healing teaching approach. Excited to see more improvement!”–Jess


“We finished week 7 today and our 10 year old daughter is reading more comfortably, with fewer mistakes, and if she stops, she can readily find her place on the page with no aids. I’m so happy for her and her progress.”-Amy


“Ah! Such a feeling of accomplishment! First ten weeks down! AND after giving my son an assessment of reading words, he has improved a grade level already! So happy!” –Mary


“We started using your Brain Integration Manual and other materials around four years ago. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your work and that I was able to find you. It has helped my daughter tremendously and has helped me to understand what is going on with her rather than being frustrated with her behavior and my inability to teach her effectively.”-Cher


“We have been using the Craft Right Brain Readers with my son this year. Praise! In 3 months my child went from 1-C to 2-D! Wow. A first grade reader to a third grade reader in less than one school year.  A true believer of Dianne Craft’s program I am!!!!!”– Kim


“Guys. Gals. Tears. Tears from this mama. This is our 3rd week of doing the Brain Integration Therapy exercises. I’m crying because my son VOLUNTARILY followed along in a book I’m reading aloud to him. A very DIFFICULT book that I’m reading aloud to him. He usually just snuggles up with me and listens. His reading comprehension is amazing and always has been. But his desire to read harder books is not there. He LOVED reading by himself, but only easy books. He has never followed along while I read. NEVER. You guys, this is amazing. It may seem small, but it’s not! Not for this kid! Gah. And we just started. I cant wait to see more progress.”–Sheryl


“I started using Brain Integration back in April with my 7 year old daughter. I was just doing the writing 8 (half of the letters) and not the other midline exercises. I started to see improvement and I decided to do all the Brain exercises and once-a-week brain training in June. I’m currently working the once a week Auditory Processing gate brain Training. Today I was checking my daughter’s writing book and I was over the moon about her progress. Dianne Craft’s Brain Integration Therapy exercises are a Miracle for my 7 year old. This is the real deal therapy. It is not expensive and it works.”–Delia


“My girl who, six months ago, couldn’t consistently add single digit numbers just breezed through a page of double digit subtraction with borrowing. We love Dianne Craft’s right brain math strategies!”–Debbie


“This week has been a week of great progress. My son just turned 7. In September, he could not recall most letters of the alphabet or their sounds. He is great at memorizing as he has the BOB books memorized however, he could not recall alphabet names or sounds. We have been doing Brain Integration Therapy from the beginning, so we are on the writing gate, and my son can now recall the letter name of every letter of the alphabet, recall every sound and can put 3 letter sounds together to form words. HE IS READING!! I am so happy for my little Guy. “ Courtney


“ Some amazing news that had me chocked up and tears filled my eyes, yesterday after we finished reading for 10 min my son asked if he could continue to read, never has that happened- I think he is beginning to enjoy reading!!”   – Angelica


“I want to share a win! I started using these methods with my daughter in March (age 6 at the time, 7 now). Today I assigned a simple report on an animal as part of her geography studies on grasslands. If I had assigned this in the spring it would have resulted in tears, even if I had only asked for a single sentence and spelled each word for her as she went. Today she wrote three sentences on her own quite happily and has gained so much confidence! I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am for this program!”–Sara


“We are starting in on our 5th week of Brain Integration Therapy. I know that hardly seems any time at all, especially since my son was 16 when we started and just turned 17 last week. That being said I really think I see positive changes already. My son is able to follow directions better, and has been getting chores done without being asked at all. He asked to read our family devotions the other day, and did pretty well, only a few words wrong. He has done his own laundry, and before he did not even try to attempt it, saying it was too many steps and too complicated. And he signed his name faster and less awkward, at about the third week. He is becoming a new kid. I love It. “ Donna


“ Our week is going great! For the first time EVER, my 13 year old son is saying that math is fun, and he asks for more math time each day. He is like a new child after only a couple of weeks of BIT and Brain Training.”–Jennifer


“I wanted to share with you that my 12 year old FASD son has been following the manual exercises for the past four weeks, as well as the biology of behavior supplements during the same time period. He has started coming home with math and spelling tests with A’s on them, and even more importantly, he says he understands what’s going on in class and isn’t frustrated. Twice he has asked to read to me at night (this NEVER happened before) so he could show me what a good reader he is becoming. Words cannot express my gratitude, Dianne!!”– Cynthia


“My son I have been doing the writing 8 with him for a just couple weeks. His stuttering has gone down a lot and he state qualified in speech today! I am so proud and thankful I was told about this!”–Dana


“ Oh my goodness, Dianne – Thank you for your multiplication cards!!! This was my 4th grader’s second day of school here at home. He has already remembered the five cards we went over today!!! What encouragement to him and us parents when he didn’t retain 3-9 numbers in third grade.”– Sue


“Quick update – it has only been 4 days of Nathan taking the L-Orotate. I am completely amazed. His verbal skills, syntax, length of sentences, even the everyday slang that kids use (I am now correcting him on what is proper to say!!) has improved greatly.” – Nancy


 “I met you at the HEAV convention last year. Thank you for making sense of my struggle in teaching my daughter! She is presently in fourth grade, but I realized from you that she was stuck at about a 1.5 grade level. She is now (after 7 months with the “Right Brain Phonics”) reading at about a third grade level. We still have a ways to go, but I was thrilled at how quickly she has been moving up. In her “free time” I have spied her picking up Dr. Seuss books and reading them to the cat…reading with confidence!” – Beth


“I don’t know how to thank-you. God Bless you. I am on my third child that has almost every symptom that you have spoken. This information would have helped all 3 in one form or another. My youngest as we speak was shown the door out of our parish school last year and had to put him in the public system. It’s only been 2 months and they want to diagnose him with more problems, he had “ADHD” and from what I read “A Right Brained” learner. His diet, sleeping, anger, mood swings etc., all sound like him. They are breathing down my back to get him on more drugs. I may be initiating a consultation. I would like to home school him, as I want God back in life, also. God Bless you and Thank-you. I have a new mission to improve his young life for the better.” Donna


“Thank you for your work. I have only started to browse the information on your web site and the information is incredible. You are describing so many things about my son. I can not wait to incorporate your teachings into our life.” – Cathy


“For years, I have been trying to figure out the problem with my daughter’s learning ability. She is older now and is still struggling. The HSLDA website helped me see that she is a right brain thinker. With your material, I am hopeful now that she will be able to learn the simple things. Thank you for the valuable information displayed on your website. Many children can be helped by your insight. May God richly bless you!!!”– Michele


“I found your web site and was impressed with your spelling and writing tips. After struggling for over 5 years with very little success, we gave our son (age 8) Calcium/Magnesium and Omega 3 and ADD/ADHD “Bright Child” Vitamin supplements as well as the Good Bacteria. In only 3 days, his 3rd Grade teacher walked him outside after school and said he had a terrific day! She was excited to show me in person at the work he did with little help to complete. I had noticed that he was much calmer at home but was really amazed when the teacher asked me what have we done. I thought I was just imagining it. His teacher was amazed when I told her just two days ago we started him on only vitamin supplements. Now only a week later, I feel that we have truly met our real son. He is saying things like “Thank you” and “Have a great day Mom”, “I love you” and the best of all has finally developed a real appetite. He used to be so picky and sometimes grimaced at the sight or smell of food often claiming he felt nauseous. Now he is eating the same boring food I usually serve saying this is wonderful! I am still in shock. I hope this continues. Thank you so much.”– Kathy


“I want to thank you for taking the time to personally call me and the sincere concern shown about my child. You’ll never know how much that alone means to me. I intend to take your advice.”  – Mary


“Thank you for a very informative site. Your information is so much clearer than much of what is out there on the Internet. Interesting products that I’m looking forward to using in the future. ” – Cory-Lynn


“I want to thank you for coming to Oklahoma for our homeschool convention. My daughter is one of those right brain children. You described her to a T. She can be such a sweet little girl however with her very abused life she hesitates to trust and can be very angry. I adopted her when she was 5 years old. She was a foster baby of mine since she was a year old. But she was so abused before coming to me. She as well tested positive at birth for drugs and now everyone wants to label her as ADHD. Before pulling her out of the school system the school literally got mad at me because the doctor would not increase her medication. Can you believe that? They wanted her walking around like a zombie all day so they would not have to deal with her. Something I have noticed that my daughter is very smart. She however plays dumb most of the time and I really think it hinders her in learning. She loves to learn new things but after learning it once she never wants to review that same subject matter ever again. Which short term she remembers it but not long term. She gets very bored with repititous things and will act out when she is forced to learn the same thing over and over to get it into the long term memory. I am happy to report however, That her memory verse for the last 2 weeks is the Lord’s Prayer. We worked all last week on it copying it doing dictation everything you could think of. But then Monday I had made her write it for the last time. She wrote it so sloppy that I couldn’t make out what she was writing. I told her that was ok she would have to do it again for homework. Then it came to me what I had learned from your workshop about drawing the pictures and she had it memorized by the end of the day flawless in 2 days. I didn’t really believe it until I tried it. Thank you. If you have any suggestions for a child like her, with her aggression please slip me a line or two. I am very desperate to make her life more enjoyable and happier. Thank you and God Bless.” – Amy


“You have a real gift for teaching, and I truly appreciate you sharing that gift with us.”– Kelly


“This website is the greatest thing that I have encountered, in years of searching for answers. I have a 12 year old child that has been struggling, with learning since the 1st grade and has been promoted repeatedly regardless of the fact that she has been a poor student. At the age of 5 I thought that she may have a learning disability but I refused to trust my instincts, but as the years went on I realized my instincts were correct. I realized that I had to take matters into my own hands and I started homeschooling. In my homeschooling adventures I have learned a lot about the way my child learns and that she needs a lot of personal attention. In my research, I found this website and was intrigued to find an article that talked about ear infections and learning, and I have to say thank you. It made everything that I have been concerned about completely clear. I will make it my duty to refer other parents to this website for information for their children.”  – Olaifa


Our household has been transformed in just 3 weeks of working through the steps. Our 12 year old son who had no confidence and plenty of attitude now has an amazing amount of confidence and stick-to-it attitude. His challenging attitude is gone and he is the very easygoing guy that we knew he could be. He is writing short stories with spaces between the words and correct punctuation! If you have been frustrated with your child and beat up by the thought that you could have done something different to help your child, stop being beat up and follow the steps that Mrs. Craft recommends. We are doing the writing and reading and vitamins that were recommended. This last weekend we forgot about the vitamins and our child had a very hard time. On Monday morning he told us that he is going to take the vitamins everyday so he can feel good.– Heather