This Daily Lesson Plan was developed for students who are more than a year behind in reading (often 2-3 years behind), for whom other programs haven’t worked.  This is the step-by-step program that I, as a special education teacher, used for 17 years in my Reading Resource room to achieve approximately two years’ growth in reading in my students in one year. This is also the plan that I give to new special education teachers in my graduate level courses.  If you follow each of these steps, four days a week, with your struggling learner, you will cover all the parts of remedial reading and should see very consistent results. Be sure to give the Quick Word Recognition Placement or something similar every three months to assess your progress. If you start the Daily Lesson Plan step-by-step program in September, by January your student will know significantly more words in the Quick Word Recognition Placement and in his daily reading. The Daily Lesson Plan does not leave out any of the critical parts of reading remediation.

Download Our Resource Room Daily Lesson Plan For A Struggling Reader (PDF)

Reading Teaching Guide Options (PDF)