Informal Assessments

Quick Word Recognition Placement Test with Instructions

Math Computation Test

1200 Most Commonly Used Words with Spelling Steps

To learn more about Dianne Craft’s Right Brain Spelling Technique, please watch her workshop “Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory”.

Informal Writing Assessment

Craft Right Brain Reader Placement Test Instructions 1-3 grade


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Brief Right Brain Writing Instructions

We no longer email the instructions for the Right Brain Writing Program. So many parents and teachers were interested in this breakthrough, Right Brain method of teaching reluctant writers, that we have since made an instructional DVD. The DVD walks parents and teachers through each step of the writing program. The DVD is a “multi-level” teaching tool, which gives visual instructions on how to teach to an elementary, non-writer, all the way up to 8th and 9th grade advanced writing students.

This is the very same writing method that Dianne used for years, with her gifted 6th 7th and 8th grade students, to help them write proficient paragraphs and compositions. By the end of the year, using these “thinking strategies”, they were all able to write paragraphs and compositions on their own.

Right Brain Learners love this technique!  The key?
•   “Right Brain Webbing” (not any regular webbing) You do this together!
•    Modeling, modeling, modeling!
•    No re-writes
•    Unique method of “correcting” the paper, giving points for good things, that motivates the student to write more each week
•    The “one paper a week” Visual Writing Program

The detailed, printed step-by-step Instructional Booklet on how to use this easy writing method (no re-writes… the kids love that part), is enclosed with the DVD, “Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing.”  This Right Brain Writing program is available on our website for only $19.95.  After using this program for an entire year with our students, the next year, they are able to use any other writing curricula that was available, since they were now “pros” at writing!

Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates Checklist-  Where Do I Start?

This comprehensive checklist will walk you through the characteristics we look for when we suspect a child has a blocked learning gate. Below each learning gate, Dianne and I have outlined our recommendations of which products to use to correct the blocked learning gate and bypass the learning difficulties resulting from these blocks. This document is full of information; take your time reading through it.


Identifying & Correcting Your Child’s Processing Problem FULL WORKSHOP

In the “Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problem” DVD the four Learning Gates will be explored in detail:
  1. Visual Processing Gate (slow, halting reading; reading reversals)

  2. Auditory Processing Gate (your “word guesser”, sounds out the same word over and over; sight words hard to remember; easily confused; always saying “what”)

  3. Writing Gate (great orally, but writes very little; seems alergic to his/her pencil; does all math in his/her head; copying takes so long; HATES to write!)

  4. Focusing/Attention Gate (you need to sit with him/her to finish their work; frequently says “I forgot”; easily upset; Sensory issues…noises bother him/her…tags, transitions, foods…anxiety about many things).


Healing Power of Fish Oil Article


Gifted With a Glitch Article

Please download this CHECKLIST to see if your child may be presenting the characteristics of being “Gifted with a Glitch”.


Sensory Processing Protocol Article- Supplement Suggestions

For more nutritional recommendations for children and teens presenting signs of SPD, please purchase Dianne Craft’s Biology of Behavior Nutritional Program. This 2 disc CD set comes with a 28 page instructional booklet and supplement guide that walks you through the week-by-week nutritional plan.


Reading Comprehension Steps- “When a Child Doesn’t Remember What He Reads” Article

Follow these easy steps with your child to improve their reading comprehension skills. Many high school students use these strategies to greatly improve their test-taking skills. Great for ACT and SAT prep!


Daily Lesson Plan for the Struggling Reader (Non Reader-3rd grade)


Daily Lesson Plan for Older Readers (3rd grade and above)


Daily Lesson Plan Struggling Writer and Speller


Brain integration Therapy Guiding Principles