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  • I have consistently found that my students who did well with the colored reading transparencies had eye convergence, teaming and binocularity issues.  This caused them to skip small words, reverse letters and words when reading, and read a letter from the line above: all very frustrating issues for them.  For the parents who took their child for regular vision therapy sessions to a developmental optometrist, these frustrations became less, as their eye teaming skills improved.
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    Many bright, hardworking children have to work too hard to learn because they have a processing problem, or one of their learning gates is blocked. Sometimes several learning gates are blocked. We now offer "The Foundational Package” of Dianne Craft’s products for those parents who wish to gain an understanding of Dianne’s three-pronged approach – Brain Integration Therapy, Nutritional Strategies, and Right Brain Teaching Strategies - to helping children learn. It doesn’t have to be so hard, and it doesn’t have to be so expensive!

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