Brain Integration Therapy Manual – Video Access

Brain Integration Therapy Manual – Video Access



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Brain Integration Therapy Manual and LIVE Demonstration Video:

Updated 2020 edition!

Dianne Craft’s “Brain Integration Therapy Manual” has been updated and includes a LIVE demonstration video, photo demonstrations, step-by-step graphic guides, detailed Brain Training instructions, charts to track your progress, and much more. You will find that the 2020 edition of the Brain Integration Therapy Manual is more than just a manual, but is your new tool to successfully eliminate your child or student’s learning glitches.  You will also find easy to follow daily lesson plans for reading, writing, spelling and math along with, case studies, and additional information that goes beyond Brain Integration Therapy that will assist you in educating your intelligent yet struggling learner.



Why Brain Integration Therapy?

God designed learning to occur in a specific way: when a new task is learned, such as riding a bike, driving a car, learning to track the eyes from left to right in reading, or learning the orientation of letters or numbers, the left, concentrating brain hemisphere is engaged.  After a short time of practice, these processes are supposed to transfer into the child’s right brain to be stored in the automatic hemisphere so he or she can now think and track his or her eyes at the same time, think and write at the same time, or think and hear sounds at the same time.

When this transfer isn’t easily made between brain hemispheres, the child becomes overwhelmed with the learning task and begins to get behind in reading and writing because of the effort involved in a process that should take very little effort if both brain hemispheres were involved.  This can appear as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing dysfunction or more mild processing problems in reading, writing, and hearing.

These hemispheric connections, which appear to be absent or “disconnected” can be encouraged to reconnect by using specific body exercises that cross the midline of the body.  When these short, daily exercises are combined with the more powerful once-a-week Brain Training, these vital connections are slowly, progressively made each week.  By using this process, parents and teachers see the learning process (elimination of visual and writing reversals, remembering phonics sounds, etc.) become easier after just a few weeks.  However, it is important to continue this process for at least 3 -6 months, so that the gains are not lost.

This inexpensive but very effective home therapy has been used by parents across the country for the past 20 years.  We at Child Diagnostics will be here to answer any of your questions and guide you through this process so that you will see the same improvements in learning that we have seen for many years.

Let’s consider this:

The price of one session of Vision Therapy to improve eye convergence and eye teaming is often upwards from $100 per visit.  It has been found that parents who do the weekly Brain Trainings to encourage the right, automatic brain hemisphere to take over the eye tracking from left to right, that their child either needs greatly reduced vision therapy visits (as reported by several vision therapy offices) or possibly none at all.  When I was teaching in schools none of my students were able to avail themselves of vision therapy and yet, at the end of the year, they were no longer reversing letters or words when they read or wrote, not skipping words and lines, and were no longer fatigued after reading.

The price of one individual tutoring session for reading problems at one of the tutoring centers is often $100 or more.  With the Brain Integration Brain Trainings, along with Right Brain Reading strategies for reading, you can be your child’s own tutor and pay yourself whatever tutoring fee you want to!

The price of receiving the training to do your own perceptual training and tutoring at home: $84.99 total. No extra visits or consultations necessary AND you can use it with all of your children or students.  You now have the most powerful tool we have ever found to turn around learning disabilities.

There are many ways to get at the learning problems a child may be experiencing.  This is just one way, but it is the way that I have found to be very helpful, and puts the parent in the driver’s seat.

What’s in the 2019 edition?

  1. Demonstration and Explanation Video: Dianne Craft and Cassie Moore break down the steps of Brain Integration Therapy and how to ensure you are using the manual correctly. We want you to experience the most success with your chid or student using this powerful at-home midline therapy. Upon purchase of the 2020 Edition of the manual, you will have access to the demonstration video on your account with us as well as the option to purchase the Demonstration Video on your very own DVD.
  2. Reorganized Steps to Follow: We heard you. This manual has so much information to digest, that it needed better organization to better understand the steps and implement them into your current teaching schedule. We have broken down these steps in both the manual and demonstration video to help you dive into this at-home midline therapy with ease.
  3. Detailed diagnostic checklists for each of the processing problem areas a child could be experiencing:
    1. Visual Processing Problems (reading reversals, eye convergence and eye tracking issues, tires easily when reading)
    2. Writing/Fine Motor processing problems (greatly labored writing, dysgraphia, find motor issues, child who is “allergic” to a pencil)
    3. Auditory Processing problems (can’t remember phonics, sight words hard, oral directions difficult, scrambles words when saying them, etc.)
  4. Pictureso f children demonstrating every single step of the all important once a week Brain Training, and the daily 20 minute exercise routine. This is easy to follow!
  5. Clear explanation and examples of each of the 10 Auditory Processing “channels” that can be blocked in a child, and how to correct these blocks.  Comes with charts to help you diagnose and help you track your child’s progress.
  6. Case studies of children who have just one learning gate blocked, two learning gates blocked, three learning gates blocked, or all four learning gates blocked.  This will make it easier for you to see where your child’s issues are, and what to do about them.
  7. A diagnostic reading grade-placement test that we give at the beginning of this process, and then every 3 months, to track the child’s progress in reading as we do this therapy.
  8. Daily Lesson plans for Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math.  These lesson plans are invaluable in your work with a struggling child.  They give the daily routine using Brain Integration Therapy to remove learning glitches, along with the Right Brain teaching strategies that I used to bypass the learning glitches in a child.  These are the very lesson plans that I used in my Resource Room to achieve the 2 year growth in reading and writing in a year.  The Right Brain teaching strategies help a child feel smart right away (using their photographic memory strength), while the Brain Integration Brain Training done once a week, eventually makes enough pathways connecting both brain hemispheres that the child will not need Right Brain teaching strategies all of his life.
  9. The offer of continued follow-up via email with you from Dianne Craft and staff, if you so desire,  as you go through this process of correction with your child, so that you can be assured of success.


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