Kids and Teens With Focus/Attention Problems Video

Kids and Teens With Focus/Attention Problems Video


Do you have a student who sits and stares as soon as you leave his side; always says “I forgot”; takes FOREVER to complete his work; is highly anxious; easily upset; socially inappropriate; always moving; has SI? Explore the physical causes of behavior and attention problems in children and teens. Learn targeted remedies for each of these problems. Be amazed at the difference in your student’s mood, memory and learning ability. Many call this a “life changing” teaching.

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Kids and Teens With Focus/Attention Problems DVD

“Kids Act How They Feel”—Dr. Sydney Walker, MD

“The GUT is the Second BRAIN”, —Columbia University, Dr. Michael Gershon, MD

Johnny is a constant motion machine. Tom cries in frustration over minor matters. Susie has mood swings. Joey is nicknamed, “Eeyore” because of his negative attitude towards things. The three year old gets so angry that his rages are almost scary. Carol acts so “spacey” and forgets the things she knew the day before. Harold lays awake a long time each night before he can fall asleep. Could all of these behaviors be caused by an upset “gut ecology”?

This workshop is for the child or teen you have to sit with to finish a task. Or he continually forgets what he has just learned. Or for the one who has meltdowns and mood swings or anxiety as a daily occurrence.

Or the student with Sensory Processing Problems who can’t tolerate noise or tags. Learn specific targeted remedies from a nutritionist for each of these problems. You will be amazed at the difference you will see in your child’s mood, memory and learning ability using these easy nutritional interventions. This has been called a “life changing” teaching by many parents.

Be sure to purchase the Biology of Behavior to follow Dianne’s 3-month Targeted Nutrition Plan. 

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