Right Brain Multiplication Cards

Right Brain Multiplication Cards

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Is your child or teen struggling to memnorize their times tables? Teach to their powerful photographic memory using zany Right brain Multiplciation Cards!


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Right Brain kids learn best with picture, color, emotion and humor. These right brain multiplication cards use these elements to take the pain out of learning their times tables. NO STANDARDIZATION!

Many parents report that their child learned the facts in a week using these cards. Kids love this method!

What’s included?

  • All of the multiplication facts 0’s through 9’s.
  • The picture and problem is on the front with the story for you to read on the back. A good investment for the whole family!

Teach the multiplication facts in a “unit”, using color and picture. Put the stories/cards up high so the child’s eyes can see them …such as at the breakfast table. Memorize about 5 of the hard multiplication facts each week, taking pictures of them every day for a week. You will see your child memorize those pesky multiplication facts faster than you thought possible. Even left brain students enjoy this “photographic memory” technique


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