Right Brain Phonics Reading Book

Right Brain Phonics Reading Book

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Dianne Craft’s Right Brain Phonics Reading Book uses an Orton-Gillingham approach, but adds zany colors and pictures to help the child retain phonics. Train your child or student’s powerful photographic memory so they don’t need to spend so much battery energy memorizing, writing, and following auditory rules that don’t stick!

Originally developed for children with Dyslexia, this whole new appproach to reading turns word guessers into word readers. Give your child or student more confidence so they can read fluently and confidently.

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Right Brain Phonics Reading Book

Phonics Practice for the “Struggling Reader”

An Orton-Gillingham Based Phonics Program


Have you tried all the phonics games and done hundreds of phonics worksheets and your child still doesn’t remember phonics sounds?Does your child or student struggle with dyslexia or auditory processing problems?

Your child or student NEEDS this Right Brain Phonics Program!

This whole new approach to reading was originally developed for children with dyslexia and turns word guessers into word readers. Beginner readers also thrive using these zany pictures and colors to learn phonics using their powerful photographic memory.

Why Dianne Craft Created this Right Brain Phonics Reading Book:

Most Phonics programs are too auditory for these struggling readers, I found, drawing on their weak auditory memory.  Since these kiddoes have so few connections between their Left Brain (auditory…sounds) and their Right Brain (visual…pictures), they do not easily store sounds, and cannot remember how to sound out a word when they see it.  This Right Brain method is very unique in that it uses the all-important IMBEDDING technique. The phonemes (letters that give the sound) are imbedded directly on the picture that gives that sound.  This way the child does not have to work so hard to remember the sound.  Then, in the Right Brain Phonics Reading Book, we read WHOLE WORDS with the decoding unit in color, and with the picture that gives the sound of the decoding unit.  We are teaching to the child’s “Camera.”   We always keep these pictures/sounds in front of their eyes…with color, weird, humor, etc., for easy storage.  After a short while they will stop “guessing” at words because when they look at a black and white word in a story, they will still “see” the decoding unit, the piece that would otherwise have made the word hard to pronounce, in their head in the color in which they learned it in the Right Brain Phonics Book. This happens all the time.  It gives them such a “gripper” when climbing this wall of reading. 

The Right Brain Phonics Book involves NO RULES, NO WRITING, NO MEMORIZING. We use their Photographic Memory to teach them how to decode even the longest word. Kids of all ages love this method because they have success immediately!   All we do in our Reading Session is set the timer for 20 minutes, and read whole words with the decoding unit in color, and with the picture clue.  After a while they will not need the picture. Then later on they will not need the color, because it will be permanently stored in their Photographic Memory instead of their less reliable Auditory Memory.


What’s included in this Reading Book?

  • Primary through Intermediate words (1-8th grade).
  • Dianne’s Daily Lesson Plan for the Struggling Reader to better understand how to add 20 minutes of decoding practice to your teaching day using the Right Brain Phonics Reading Book. Dianne created this lesson plan to sue in her resource rooms and consultation practice. Hundreds of teachers, tutors and parents are using this same lesson plan in their daily teaching to get their children and students caught up to their grade level. 
  • 140 pages in color


To learn more about the characteristics of Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Problems, review Dianne’s Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates checklist.

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