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See Dianne’s Linked Articles

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Is Your Child a Poor Test Taker?

Does your child study diligently for a test, seem to understand the material, but consistently test poorly? Most test prep courses use the left-brain, auditory memory with repetition for preparation, which doesn’t work for other bright, creative, but more right brain students. Using the “Testing Success Program” will train your child or teen to use BOTH sides of his/her brain. Understanding the three parts to this program: right brain study skills, test preparation, and testing day strategies, your student will improve greatly on their tests…many times, by leaps! Read More…

Smart but Feeling Dumb

Looking for new teaching techniques for your child or teen who is working too hard to learn? Check out “Plan B”, which is a method of teaching that involves teaching practices that ultimately train the student to use both sides of his brain. It is a FUN way to learn and your students will love it! We, as teachers, can change a frustrating, unhappy year to a successful one by making them feel as smart as the really are. Read More…

When Oral Reading is Painful

Does your child or student struggle with oral reading? Take a look at my painless oral reading strategies that will make a huge difference for our child or student. We treat oral reading like a piano recital. We practice all of the pieces of the reading first, then put it all together in one performance. Read More…


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Help for Struggling Learners: Use Both Sides of Your Brain

Are you working with a struggling learner? Learn and understand how to modify mainly left-brain teaching criteria to help right brain learners who struggle to comprehend the basic material. No rules. No writing. No memorizing. Watch how amazed and satisfied your students will be as they improve their math, paragraph writing, right brain reading and test taking skills. Read More…


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Home School Legal Defense Association strongly supports struggling learners though their Struggling Learner Coordinator Program. Read More…


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