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    Many bright, hardworking children have to work too hard to learn because they have a processing problem, or one of their learning gates is blocked. Sometimes several learning gates are blocked. We now offer "The Foundational Package” of Dianne Craft’s products for those parents who wish to gain an understanding of Dianne’s three-pronged approach – Brain Integration Therapy, Nutritional Strategies, and Right Brain Teaching Strategies - to helping children learn. It doesn’t have to be so hard, and it doesn’t have to be so expensive!

  • Sale!
    Dianne Craft's Dysgraphia Package gives you the materials to CORRECT and BYPASS dysgraphic-like symptoms using Brain Integration Therapy and right brain teaching to get your child or student caught up to their writing, spelling and vocabulary level in one school year. Total Package that will correct:
    • Writing problems (reversals; spacing; labor)
    • Spelling Issues 
    • Paragraph and Composition Writing issues
    • Visual/Spatial Processing (lining up math problems)
    • Vocabulary growth
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