Autism, Asperger’s & Sensory Processing Problems Video

Autism, Asperger’s & Sensory Processing Problems Video


Why the dramatic increase in Autism? Learn the main causes and treatments of Autism. Unlock the ability of the student with Autism or Asperger’s using a “Unique Three Pronged Approach”. (specific academics, re-connecting therapies and easy biological interventions that work). Dianne presents case studies from her clinic in Denver, of children and teens whose lives have changed dramatically using interventions that anyone can learn and apply. Learning, sensory processing, behavior, anxiety, and socialization ability change drastically.

Life can be so much easier for these kids and teens!

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Autism, Asperger’s & Sensory Processing Problems Video

Why the dramatic increase in Autism? Why more boys? Learn some of the main causes and treatments of Autism.

Learn how to use the unique three-pronged approach for teaching methods, therapies and biological interventions that bring the fastest results!

Learn how to banish the anxiety these kids and teens struggle with daily. Case studies of children Dianne has worked with in her private clinic, and in the classroom will give you many ideas about how to work with your child or student, to make big changes in learning, sensory processing, behavior and socialization abilities.

Learn specific physical exercises that quickly help these kids access their right brain, which helps them see the “whole picture” and not be so literal, repetitive and have difficulty reading social cues. Find out how to get rid of gaze aversion fast (what is the missing link?).

Many parents have made profound transformations in their children but didn’t do radical things. You can make a huge difference in these students’ lives. See learning , sensory processing, behavior, anxiety and socialization ability change drastically. Hands over the ears, no more! Life can be so much easier for these kids and teens.

Dianne speaks at Autism conferences across the country, and teaches this course for graduate level credits in several universities.

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