Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful

Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful

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Could it be Dysgraphia? Writing seems painful; often ‘gifted with a glitch; great stories orally, but writes very little; often called “lazy or unmotivated.” Learn the amazing correction for this writing fluency problem.

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Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful DVD

Students can seem “lazy, sloppy, unmotivated” while having an undiagnosed Dysgraphia or blocked writing gate. Many times it isn’t identified until a child is a teenager and not turning in written work!

The most common gate that is blocked with gifted kids. He knows so much but just can’t get his thoughts down in writing because this “head to hand” process takes too much energy….a blocked learning gate.

Common Symptoms: (no one has them all)

  • Greatly resists writing
  • Writes occasional reversals (after age 7)
  • Spells a word orally correctly but leaves out letters when he writes
  • Math problems not lined up; can’t get thoughts on paper
  • Copying is labor intensive.

This student has not internalized directionality and does not have a well defined sense of space. A powerful simple daily exercise develops this important skill and takes the stress out of the writing system, by sending this process to the Automatic Brain Hemisphere. Affects sports too …coaches report improved performance on the court or field.

*For a live DEMONSTRATION of kids and teens of all ages (7, 10, 14, 17) performing this powerful daily exercise, see the 2 hour DVD, “Smart Kids Who Hate to Write” from www. diannecraft.org. Learn how to use this exercise with:

• Groups of students (special instructions needed)

• Non-readers or beginning readers

• Students who reverse numbers

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