Right Brain Math

Teaching the same math concepts over and over? It’s time to switch to RIGHT BRAIN MATH!

Teach them to use their powerful photographic memory for long-term memory storage!

The aim is to  present information in a totally different way. Help your student feel smart as they use their powerful photographic memory.

Right brain math teaches math concepts visually giving the student more glue using color, picture, humor, and story. The key is to always teach to their CAMERA.

Since we don’t teach math using repetition, but by using Right Brain Strategies, you will use techniques such as: teaching with color, humor and story, and putting the paper (example) up high on the wall. These examples or templates that you create, will teach your student to use their photographic memory to take a picture of the specific math process you are teaching. Then when your student is stuck on a specific problem they can refer to the wall and see the process. This will make for easy storage and retrieval as they use their photographic memory to “take a picture” of the process or concept.  This unique teaching method has proven to be a very effective for struggling learners who have not experienced success with other teaching methods.

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