The “Reading Package”

Right Brain Reading Curriculum

  Why should I purchase a “Reading Package”?

As an Educational Consultant, in my consultation practice, the number one reason families come to see me is because their child is struggling with reading, often being 2 years behind. During their consultation time, I find out the child’s reading level, and which of the Four Learning Gates (eye tracking, auditory processing, visual/motor processing or focus/attention) are blocked in this child. Then we create a home program to unblock all the learning gates, while teaching reading, spelling and writing at the same time, so that by the end of the year they achieve a 2 year growth in reading. 


You can have the benefit of the reading strategies I show these parents to follow, by using the products offered in this Complete Reading Package.  This package includes the Daily Lesson Plan that I used with in my Resource Room in school, with my struggling readers, from grades 1st through 8th.  These methods work with Dyslexia better than any other program I have found, in my experience as a Special Education teacher working with bright, hard working kids and teens who have to work too hard to learn.  I used this method with my 8th graders who were tested as Gifted, but were reading 2-4 years behind because of Dyslexia or other reading issues.  I found that while other programs for Dyslexia included the important intensive phonics teaching, they did not address the reading reversals and lack of eye fluency that the child was experiencing, nor the other parts of the Auditory Processing Dysfunction that was not just phonics targeted, such as ordering the months, remembering Sight Words, hearing their own silent voice, etc.  So, I created this Specialized Reading method using the Brain Integration Therapy exercises and once a week Brain Trainings to CORRECT the problems by eventually creating so many connections between the left and right brain hemispheres that all their processing problems were reduced by 80%, while at the same time BYPASSING the Auditory Processing problems associated with reading by using the Right Brain Method for learning Phonics and Sight Words. 


If you have a struggling reader, and are on your 3rd (or more) Phonics program, your child/teen will LOVE the Right Brain Phonics methods because it has NO RULES, NO WRITING and NO MEMORIZING.  We employ the child’s strong PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY to store and retrieve phonics sounds for reading.  We do this also for quick Sight Word Memorization, using their “camera”, not just black and white flashcards used over again each day. 


Please note the Reading Package does not contain Craft Right Brain Readers as each purchaser will not necessarily need the same Reader(s).  You may separately purchase individual Craft Right Brain Readers or the price discounted Craft Right Brain Reader Package.



What is included in the “Reading Package”?


1.)   Daily Lesson Plans for the Struggling Reader


This step by step daily Remedial Reading Session takes about 45-55 minutes a day, and includes all four of the reading components in a method of teaching that brings no tears or frustration.  It is exactly the method I used each day for my students in my Resource Reading class when I taught in Elementary and Middle School.  It is the method I used to achieve a 2 year growth in reading in one year.  You can achieve the same thing, using this in your one-on-one tutoring session with your child.   You can become your child’s own Resource Room teacher and tutor without any formal training. It is all laid out for you, step by step.


2.)   Brain Integration Therapy Program 2020 Edition


The reason this student is struggling with reading in the first place, is because the READING PROCESSES (eye tracking, and auditory processing) have not transferred to their Automatic Brain Hemisphere, which is located in the Right Brain.  They have to expend much “battery energy” just to track their eyes from left to right, or to bring the ‘name’ of a word over the brain midline to the word they see (sight words). Their peers and sibling don’t have to expend this energy, because the eye tracking from left to right and the retrieval of names of words and sounds of letters have transferred to their Automatic Brain, so they can pay attention to the story line, and learn new words at the same time. 


So to CORRECT this inefficient processing, I use daily midline exercises and targeted, once a week Brain Trainings designed to transfer these all-important reading processes to the Automatic Brain Hemisphere. When I incorporate this corrective technique, by increasing the connections between the Left “short term memory” brain with the Right “long term memory” brain, I find that I can reduce all processing problems by 80%, which means the student will not have to use Right Brain learning strategies or other specialized methods of learning forever, because the need for them will be gone. They now will be able to learn using any curriculum and learning/teaching method!!!  I LOVE Brain Integration Therapy and would never be without it in working with these bright, hard working kiddoes who have to work too hard to learn.  This is the method I used to move my students along, so they could go on to college without needing “accommodations” because we had made so many brain connections they no longer were “dyslexic.”  We have seen this happen in hundreds of students over the past 25 years!  Dyslexia is not permanent…nor any other reading disorder, once you connect the hemispheres and show them how to use their wonderful Right Brain, which is where their Photographic Memory is stored. Learning becomes easy for them.


3.) The Right Brain Phonics Reading Book


Most Phonics programs are too auditory for these struggling readers, I found, drawing on their weak auditory memory.  Since these kiddoes have so few connections between their Left Brain (auditory…sounds) and their Right Brain (visual…pictures), they do not easily store sounds, and cannot remember how to sound out a word when they see it.  This Right Brain method is very unique in that it uses the all-important IMBEDDING technique. The phonemes (letters that give the sound) are imbedded directly on the picture that gives that sound.  This way the child does not have to work so hard to remember the sound.  Then, in the Right Brain Phonics Reading Book, we read WHOLE WORDS with the decoding unit in color, and with the picture that gives the sound of the decoding unit.  We are teaching to the child’s “Camera.”   We always keep these pictures/sounds in front of their eyes…with color, weird, humor, etc., for easy storage.  After a short while they will stop “guessing” at words because when they look at a black and white word in a story, they will still “see” the decoding unit, the piece that would otherwise have made the word hard to pronounce, in their head in the color in which they learned it in the Right Brain Phonics Book. This happens all the time.  It gives them such a “gripper” when climbing this wall of reading. 


The Right Brain Phonics Book involves NO RULES, NO WRITING, NO MEMORIZING. We use their Photographic Memory to teach them how to decode even the longest word. Kids of all ages love this method because they have success immediately!   All we do in our Reading Session is set the timer for 20 minutes, and read whole words with the decoding unit in color, and with the picture clue.  After a while they will not need the picture. Then later on they will not need the color, because it will be permanently stored in their Photographic Memory instead of their less reliable Auditory Memory.


4.) Right Brain Phonics Cards


These wonderful cards make the process of learning the sounds of letter combinations so easy by using the IMBEDDING technique. The Right Brain, which is the site of our Long Term Memory, is our Visual Brain.  Thus, when we put the letters (Left Brain) directly ON the picture that gives that sound, the brain stores the sound and picture that gives that sound in a “unit.”  The picture comes up easily, and the letters are always attached to it.  It makes memorizing sounds super easy. You will be surprised how painless this process really can be, once we use this “Brain Friendly” approach. 


Always keep the Right Brain Phonics cards on the table in front of the child’s “camera” while reading, for easy reference. He soon won’t even have to look at them.  …a happy day!


5.) Right Brain Dolch Sample Set Sight Word Cards


Sight Words such as “away, want, could, their, only ” can be real problems for kids with Auditory Processing Problems. They cannot retrieve the name of the word easily from their auditory hemisphere, so they try to sound out each sight word, laboriously saying “w-a-n-t” for “want.”  When this happens, we often get black and white flashword cards with the Sight Words on them.  This is also a very painful way for many of these kids to learn their sight words.  Instead, in the Right Brain Sight Word Cards, we again use the all-important IMBEDDING technique. We put pictures imbedded in the letters that give the name of the word. Kids fly through these Sight Words, not only reading them, but being able to spell them immediately, since they now have a “picture” of the words in their head.  Parents regularly report that their child learned 11 Sight Words that week…the same sight words they had unsuccessfully studied for the past year!  The Right Brain Dolch Sample Sight Word Card Set includes five Dolch sight words from each grade level, pre-primer through third grade.  All 220 Dolch sight word cards are separately available by grade or in the price discounted Right Brain 220 Dolch Sight Words Package.

The Right Brain Dolch Sample Sight Word Card Set includes the following cards:

Pre-primer: away, little, look, my, the

Primer: are, good, like, they, want

First: again, could, live, once, were

Second: around, because, many, their, your

Third: about, bring, done, light, only


6.) Teaching the Right Brain Child DVD


This is a “Teacher Training” DVD. It will show you how to use these Right Brain teaching strategies for Phonics/Reading, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Spelling and Math.  It teaches on the responsibilities of the Right Brain and why these methods work so well for children with Auditory Processing Dysfunctions.  Have your child watch it with you. Many times parents say their child/teen feels so empowered by watching the DVD because they see how smart they really are!


7.) Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems DVD


Become an “Expert in Dyslexia”  Probably one of the most important teachings you will watch if you are working with a struggling reader. Learn exactly where the “disconnect” in the brain is that causes the reading, writing and auditory reversals and word memory problems.  More importantly you’ll learn how you can “re-connect” these vital transmissions using simple daily midline exercises and Body/Brain Trainings. These can be done right during the daily reading session, in the classroom or at home.  At the same time, in this “2 step” approach to Dyslexia and reading problems (Step 1–midline therapy to re-connect, and Step 2— Right Brain Teaching Strategies) you will learn how to use an entirely different approach to teaching phonics and sight words, using right brain “hooks” on the auditory material that was previously impossible for them to retain. You will be thrilled as you watch them begin reading in an hour!

As a special education teacher, Dyslexia and reading problems are what I worked with the most. I came up with my own method, in order to achieve a minimum of a 2 year growth.  You will find that you can correct dyslexia at in the classroom or at home inexpensively. Includes the Daily Lesson Reading Plans I used in my Resource Room to achieve a two year growth in reading in one year.

Dyslexia does not have to be permanent.



8.) Colored Reading Transparencies


If your child still reverses letters or words when reading, reads very slowly or choppily, or even if he just rubs his eyes after reading, or avoids it all costs, these Blue and Green colored transparencies with temporarily take much of the stress off of their visual system while reading. Kids like these transparencies. My college students did, too.  We won’t need them forever if we are faithful to do the Brain Integration Therapy Visual exercises and Brain Trainings and if we give DHA (fish oil) to feed the rods (light/dark adapters) in the retina of their eyes.


9.) The Reading Package Quick Start Guide 


How much do I save?

When buying all these components individually, the price is $ 236.41.  When buying these components in the “Reading Package”, the price is $209.99, saving you $27.42 (a saving of 13%).