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    These wonderful cards make the process of learning the sounds of letter combinations so easy by using the IMBEDDING technique. The Right Brain, which is the site of our Long Term Memory, is our Visual Brain.  Thus, when we put the letters (Left Brain) directly ON the picture that gives that sound, the brain stores the sound and picture that gives that sound in a "unit."  The picture comes up easily, and the letters are always attached to it.  This whole-brain teaching method makes memorizing sounds super easy. You will be surprised how painless this process really can be, once we use this "Brain Friendly" approach. 
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    Dianne Craft's Right Brain Phonics Reading Book uses an Orton-Gillingham approach, but adds zany colors and pictures to help the child retain phonics. Train your child or student's powerful photographic memory so they don't need to spend so much battery energy memorizing, writing, and following auditory rules that don't stick! Originally developed for children with Dyslexia, this whole new appproach to reading turns word guessers into word readers. Give your child or student more confidence so they can read fluently and confidently.
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    Dianne Craft's Dysgraphia Package gives you the materials to CORRECT and BYPASS dysgraphic-like symptoms using Brain Integration Therapy and right brain teaching to get your child or student caught up to their writing, spelling and vocabulary level in one school year. Total Package that will correct:
    • Writing problems (reversals; spacing; labor)
    • Spelling Issues 
    • Paragraph and Composition Writing issues
    • Visual/Spatial Processing (lining up math problems)
    • Vocabulary growth
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    Improve behavior, learning "glitches", focusing issues....etc. using nutrition. Detailed step by step nutritional program. Two Audio CD's and 27 page Instructional Booklet. In this 2 disc series you will be given the latest brain and nutritional research plus a proven step by step program of natural supplements designed to help your child's body heal, and have an ample supply of the important "calming" neurotransmitters available. You will also learn of "natural medicines" you can discuss with your child's doctor, that are free from the side effects that accompany many prescription medications. One parent said that this CD set was like "having a nutritionist in your home." The detailed Instructional Study Guide included in this set, gives you all the information you need, including brand names, amounts, and resources.
  • Brain Integration Therapy Manual and LIVE Demonstration Video: Updated 2020 edition! Dianne Craft's "Brain Integration Therapy Manual" has been updated and includes a LIVE demonstration video (online access), photo demonstrations, step-by-step graphic guides, detailed Brain Training instructions, charts to track your progress, and much more. You will find that the 2020 edition of the Brain Integration Therapy Manual is more than just a manual, but is your new tool to successfully eliminate your child or student's learning glitches.  You will also find easy to follow daily lesson plans for reading, writing, spelling and math along with, case studies, and additional information that goes beyond Brain Integration Therapy that will assist you in educating your intelligent yet struggling learner. If you would prefer a DVD rather than online access to the demonstration and explanation video, please note this in your order upon purchase. Request for a DVD after receiving the manual and access code instructions will require a one time fee of $5 to cover the cost of making the DVD and shipping to your address. Contact our Customer Success team at if you have questions.