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Dianne Craft has many instructional videos to teach parents, teachers and tutors how to implement Right Brain “HEALING” Teaching to help make learning easier for their bright, hard working students.

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    In this DVD, Dianne teaches you the teaching method, midline therapy, and nutritional strategies she follows for children with dyslexia and other reading problems.
    1. Visual Processing Gate Blocked
      1. Reading reversals after age 7 (on=no, was=saw, of=to)
      2. Oral reading starts smooth, but becomes more labored
      3. Yawning shortly after reading begins
      4. Smart kids who don’t want to read (due to eye fatigue)
    1. Auditory Processing Gate Blocked
      1. Phonics sounds don’t stick
      2. Sight words hard to memorize (sounds out all words)
      3. Spelling rules hard to remember
      4. Easily misunderstands verbal information
      5. Guesses at long words frequently (forgets words he just sounded out)
      6. Can’t remember multiplication facts, difficulty saying months in order
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    In the "Identifying Your Child's Processing Problem" DVD the four Learning Gates will be explored in detail:
    1. Visual Processing Gate (slow, halting reading; reading reversals)
    2. Auditory Processing Gate (your "word guesser", sounds out the same word over and over; sight words hard to remember; easily confused; always saying "what")
    3. Writing Gate (great orally, but writes very little; seems alergic to his/her pencil; does all math in his/her head; copying takes so long; HATES to write!)
    4. Focusing/Attention Gate (you need to sit with him/her to finish their work; frequently says "I forgot"; easily upset; Sensory issues...noises bother him/her...tags, transitions,foods...anxiety about many things).
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    In this workshop you will learn how to help this struggling student finally store the math facts AND processes in their right brain long term memory. No curriculum to purchase...just fast, effective right brain strategies to use in the classroom or at home to reduce math frustration and tears! This is a totally different teaching strategy than you have ever used before!  It retrains the brain for math!
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    Dianne Craft used this painless method in her Resource Rooms Language Arts room.  By the end of the year I got 3-4 page papers. No curriculum purchase. Just a very successful teaching method. Hundreds of teachers and homeschool parents are using their method right now!
    All you need is a whiteboard and the teacher and student working together using this Right Brain "whole" method.  You will be surprised how this will work with your struggling writer.  They'll ask to write their next paper!
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    In this DVD you will learn how to identify a child with a writing glitch, dysgraphia, visual/spatial problems, and, more importantly, how to eliminate those problems using a proven method.  This exercise was originally developed to improve eye/hand coordination and ball handling ability in sports.  Coaches said these students just "knew where they were in the field after doing this exercise."
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    Make learning easier for your child this year!! Help your child feel as smart as he/she really is by teaching past their learning block and to their strength! In this 2-hour training DVD and study guide, you will learn effective teaching strategies that cost no money to use, such as how to use these Right Brain teaching strategies for Phonics/Reading, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Spelling and Math.  It teaches on the responsibilities of the Right Brain and why these methods work so well for children with Auditory Processing Dysfunctions.
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    Many bright, hardworking children have to work too hard to learn because they have a processing problem, or one of their learning gates is blocked. Sometimes several learning gates are blocked. We now offer "The Foundational Package” of Dianne Craft’s products for those parents who wish to gain an understanding of Dianne’s three-pronged approach – Brain Integration Therapy, Nutritional Strategies, and Right Brain Teaching Strategies - to helping children learn. It doesn’t have to be so hard, and it doesn’t have to be so expensive!